We have been breeding exotic tropical birds for over 30 years. Please look around our site to see our Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys, and other species. Walk with us through our aviaries, and see us feed our newborn babies in our nursery.
       Are you considering purchasing a tropical bird for a pet? Do you have questions about the "best bird" for you? We have bred and raised thousands of birds, and welcome an opportunity to advise you.
       Our farm of 40 acres is nestled among dogwood trees and towering oaks in the rolling hills of northern Mississippi. We have a lake, barn, horses, dogs, cats, and - of course - our aviaries!

- - - Charley and Nancy Keith Osterbrink

Many people wonder how we got our name and our logo.

       Nancy Keith and I met over 25 years ago. She had moved into this area from the Pacific Northwest, and wanted to buy a Cockatoo. Someone told her about my birds... we met, started dating, and were married. The reason Keith (all her friends call her Keith) had moved here was to go to work for Federal Express - she was one of the first female pilots Federal Express hired. And when does Keith fly? At night! Thus the name of our farm and our logo - a Boeing 727 silhouetted against the moon. Keith now flies as the captain of an Airbus, but we don't see the need to change the airplane on our logo!

- - - Charley